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emperor-kuzcotopia asked:
Im going to an engagememt party on halloween. Do you have any tips on how to avoid binging?

First of all, it’s you decision not to binge! If have any doubts like “I won’t resist anyway, so let it be” etc - you have no chance then.
Secondly, if you eat one sweet/stake/peace of cake don’t be upset and think “I ruined everything I was working on and I don’t stick to my diet anymore..”. Just STOP and don’t make it worse:)

Also you can wear such a tiny dress that it would be impossible to eat too much 😄
I have no idea about your diet, but just be realistic and don’t promise yourself to fast on this day or eat one apple.
One more idea - you can plan an amount of food allowed to eat at this party en avance: in kcal (500kcal for example) or like 1 salad+dessert.

And just have fun and don’t think too much about food 😉

Sorry, it’s already 2am here and I’m tired and sleepy. Please be kind to me and my mistakes I’m too lazy to check them now🐷🐷🐷
meatpopsicle69 asked:
Is that you in the picture?

Only in the profile picture. All the other pictures in this blog aren’t mine.